by Jo RB Jones

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released April 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Jo RB Jones Athens, Georgia

Jo RB Jones (pron. JOE-ARBY-JONES) is pop-indie-gazey-rock four piece out of athens, ga. The first 7 track album being release on Loud Baby Sounds (loudbabysounds.com). Purchase and Download available on bandcamp.

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Track Name: werds
sister ain't you heard
i been trying to change my ways
sister don't you know
we've come a really far distance

brother don't you know
i been listenin long and hard
but what you have to say
ain't changing my mind
it's just changing every day

words are swirling round my tongue again
i am worried cause i don't know
if they have a place to stand
birds are flying round my mind again
i am concerned cause i don't know if they've got a place to land

but this family's always been strange
with a new name new motif every year
never able to hear that dissonance
we are all covering our ears

told me together in the place
where i would think and fight
pulled apart since that day
plates were thrown
and we were pulled apart

the house upon the hill
the stories that would kill
written down to chapters
but we were never drawn to thrills

a separate entity
a place to go knew what i'd be
just a vacation home
just another place to look inside and be alone

and to all of you,
i know it hurts to hear
but we need something to hear
to hear

cause when it's all over
these words are said
and those birds are done
i hope we don't start over
my family,
i hope we remember the place from which we come
Track Name: tew
two parts
to be reconciled
not to be mixed together without permission
without some kind of signal that says to start

two pieces that cannot be mixed before we know
what they will produce
before we have some sort of idea

two minds
that come together without wanting to be separated
without another sign before being resurfaced

one part that cannot hold the other without breakin
without seeming tethered down

but it's a fine fine line when they're brought together
and they don't know what's goin on
it's a fine fine sight when they come together nicely
Track Name: clad
didn't mean to pray to shadows
only wanted to hide the light
but when i open up my eyes
i can't feel anything past a certain point of bright

i lay in bed until my feet are numb and shadows pass me by
it's no one i'm familiar with just pieces of my mind
splattered on the window and painted with a name
i never can make out but does it matter everyone's turned out to be the same

so pull the sheets over my head or pull them down for me
just make sure you make it so that i can feel the breeze

cause all i ever wanted was some sun
all i've needed is this person i've finally run
across the map and still am feeling in this way
i'm so glad it hasn't had to happen that way